Thursday Thanks- 4/21/16

imageToday I am thankful for:

  1.  my kind, thoughtful, loving children. Seriously, they amaze me everyday.
  2.  my husband.
  3. our comfortable home
  4. our beautiful backyard
  5. blueberry bushes
  6. fruit trees
  7. cutting garden
  8. herb garden
  9. that my children share my love of nature, plants and gardening
  10. lovely spring days
  11. picnics
  12. bubbles
  13. libraries
  14. the internet
  15. clean sheets
  16. essential oils and diffusers
  17. plenty of money and time to do the things I want and need to do
  18. coloring
  19. love that surrounds me.


Thursday Thanks, 3/10/16 edition


Today I am thankful for:

  1. my amazing children
  2. their growing brains and vocabularies
  3.  their creativity and artistic talent
  4. my creativity and artistic talent
  5.  my husband
  6. the pure bliss that is our backyard
  7. picnics on picnic blankets in said back yard
  8.  bubbles and water tables, people who truly appreciate them
  9.  gardens, seedlings, the hope and promise and shiny, newness of early spring
  10.  my sweet girl wants to garden with me. My sweet boys want to garden near me.
  11. the Internet and it’s amazing ability to bring people together and actually change things in the real world.
  12. The realization that *you* can actually change things in the real world.
  13. the prosperity and beauty I enjoy on a daily basis.
  14. coffee. And doughnuts.
  15. rum. And homemade coke.
  16. the health and safety of my loved ones.
  17. enough clothing to give away the extras.
  18. the pleasant him of the dishwasher washing the dishes for me, from where I fed my family dinner, and we got to eat together .
  19. Sweet, sweet friends who chat with you about crappy days, good days,  Saints, movies, whatever.
  20. nice, cozy bed that is calling my name.😴😴😴