I’m back!

Been a little busy the last 5 months or so. Growing a new person and all. Actually it’s been a very difficult pregnancy and I was on bed rest for the majority of the last 5 months, not to mention in a cloud of progesterone, which means very little reading or writing. BUT, I feel better now and we’re nearing the end. Happy to say that baby boy and I are doing well and are now healthy again! So, I fully intend to start blogging again.

Catholic Book Club 2013-week 3- Experiencing Grace in Abundance- Make Use of the Sacraments

the SacramentsWe know we should make use of the Sacraments. It’s good for us. It’s one of the things that makes us uniquely Catholic. It is a treasure-trove of grace for the taking.  I know I have been guilty of kind of taking this tremendous gift for granted. Really, since Confirmation class, how much have you thought about the Sacraments in your life? Did you remember that marriage is a sacrament?  I guess parenthood falls under the mantle of marriage, but I think parenthood is certainly sacramental, meaning that it helps us grow into the person God wants us to be. Kind of strange that it’s not it’s own sacrament in it’s own right. Anyway, lots of good stuff in this chapter.

Q1. Develop a plan to put the “Ways to Enhance Your Experience of the Eucharist” into effect.  What steps can you take immediately?

Q2. When was the last time you made use of the Sacrament of Penance? Strive to make use of the sacrament on a monthly basis.

Q3. For the next two weeks, do a daily examination of conscience.  Also, make a daily list of 5 good things about your husband and three things you’re grateful for.

Q4. What three things can you do to make your marriage a better reflection of Christ’s love for His Church? Which of the 5 keys do you most need to implement? Which of the tools in your “survival kit” do you most need to keep on hand?



A1.  Immediately, I can work on my attitude of gratefulness, in every aspect. I will accomplish this by consistently doing the gratitude journal.

A2. ooh, too long. embarrassingly long. I will go tomorrow.

A3.  Here’s a quick 5 things that are great about my husband. 1. he’s a great father 2. he gets my dark sense of humor 3. he’s supportive and encouraging 4. he’s kind 5. he takes good care of me when I’m wretchedly ill, as I have been all this week. And a quick 3 things I’m grateful for: 1. zinnias 2. long weekends 3. super soft pillowcases. What are yours?

A4. I think we’re providing a good example for our kids, but maybe not for anybody else. We need to make an effort to engage in the larger world as a couple. We don’t really pray as a couple. As a family, yes, but as a couple, no. Weird, never really thought about it before. So we need to work on that. I most need the rubber band to remind me to be flexible, God’s got this.

What’s your plan?

Catholic Book Club- Experiencing Grace in Abundance-week 2

royalty-free-praying-clipart-illustration-88409 The second step to Experiencing Grace in Abundance? Prayer. You know you should pray more, ideally you should “pray without ceasing”.   She lists solitude as a requirement, but I think there’s a place for both solitary and communal prayer, neither really being better than the other, just different.

Q1. Do you have a regular and consistent time of prayer? How can you improve your prayer life? How can you implement that this week?

Q2.Is there a truth about yourself that Jesus would have you see?

Q3. (not really a question) Get a prayer journal. Use it. It can be as simple as a section in a binder, or a dedicated fancy one. Your call.

Q4. What is your favorite resource for formal prayers/readings, etc.?

Q5. What is your favorite prayer?