Supermarket Week!

This is Supermarket Week! Appropriate considering next week is Thanksgiving!

Learning Themes: money,budgeting, nutrition, meal planning, social interaction, same and different, sorting.

Games to play: Grocery store, obviously!  Grocery store bingo. Divide the pie. Bean sorting.

Arts & crafts: Glue pictures of food on paper plates-more fun than it sounds- and try to plan a healthy menu.

Field Trip(s): Take your kids to the grocery! My kids also love to play with the grocery center at our science museum.

Activities: Cook with the kids! Perhaps they could be in charge of planning a whole evening’s menu and could plan, shop and prepare as much as possible. This is something we do on a regular basis, but seems especially appropriate for this week.

Please note that the grocery is a great place to practice social interaction. You are quite likely to run into someone you know and thus children will  generally be allowed to practice making polite conversation. Even if you don’t meet a friend, you will have to speak to the cashier, and I try to have the three and five year old take turns greeting her by name and looking her in the eye.  Have fun at the supermarket!

3 thoughts on “Supermarket Week!

  1. Love this idea! Where do you find your printables for things such as the bingo or “divide the pie”? Or do you create them yourself? And my tot also loves the grocery center at our local science/children’s museums!

  2. Yes — I remember feeling good about helping mom (or in some cases Gran) shop for groceries, learning about how to comparison shop (“which might be a better value”), weigh and package fruits, make money stretch. I liked grocery shopping apparently (or maybe she was training me early?!), because I remember having a child-size shopping cart (red and yellow plastic, I think with blue wheels) and would put cans in it from our pantry. :)

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