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One Little Word for 2013.

Okay, it’s really two. My One Little Word is and always will be LOVE. Let me always choose Love, and Kindness and Joy. I hope to be so full of love, and kindness, and joy that it just overflows into those around me. I pray I can find the ways that are most meaningful to them to show them that I love them, that God loves them, that the Universe is a good and wonderful place.

That said, the word that keeps popping into my head is Discernment. It’s such a random word, that I know it must be divinely inspired. It is honestly something I need to work on this year. I need to find my own voice. I read some very good blogging advice, that one needs to be uniquely yourself. Actually that’s pretty good advice for life in general, I think. I need to discern the ways that would be best to love the people in my life . I need to practice discernment in choosing friendships and who I should allow in my life. I need to practice discernment in figuring out what I want to do when my youngest is in school all day, everyday.

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