Forest Animals Week!

This is a really fun week,y’all! Get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather! Here’s your simple plan for the week:

Monday- Find a park with a “forest”. Enjoy it.  Order your books from the library. Download and listen to Strauss’s Tales from the Vienna Woods, and  Gynt’s Peter and the Wolf.   Gather all your forest animal toys Make animal tracks with paint and the small plastic animals. Read any books you might have about forest animals.

Tuesday- Listen to your music again. Take a walk outside and see if you can find any animal tracks. Have a forest animal race, where everyone races as a different animal. Build a beaver dam in a tub.  Play animal crazy eights for family game night.

Wednesday- go to the library and pick up your books. See if you can spot any wildlife nearby. Is it different than the creatures near your house? Which animals live in the deep forest? Read your books. Have the children act out a story from the books.

Thursday- make a nature collage from objects found in your yard, and pictures from magazines, stickers, etc.  Paint a rock as a turtle.  Make forest animals from pipe cleaners, pom poms, paper plates. Make a tiny forest for them to romp in.

Friday- Take a nature walk. It’s also Family Movie Night.

Saturday- Take a family hike, try to get to the actual woods, if you can. If you’re in the Birmingham area, Fresh Air Family is offering a Hikes For Tykes at Birmingham Botanical Gardens this Saturday at 10 am.

Have fun this week!

6 thoughts on “Forest Animals Week!

  1. What a great week! We have snow here so we’re doing a snow week 😉 I love your book tie-ins and daily activity ideas – really nice for families to follow along. My first time visiting (found you at the Afterschool Activities link-up) but it won’t be my last!

  2. Ooh, I love the idea of a forest animals week! I also love that you are choosing music along these themes, too; very cool.

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