We got a new fish, and so it’s Fish Week!

Pretty FishThat sounds a little funny, doesn’t it? I totally want to capitalize on their enthusiasm though, and hopefully impart that life is exciting and wondrous and learning can be had anywhere, about anything.

Monday- order your books from the library. Download Schubert’s The Trout. Make a paper plate fish.

Tuesday- Play Lily Pad Letters or Sight Words. This is simply making  lily pads of contruction paper and putting your childs letters/sight words on them and using them in a hopscotch like manner. Make an “aquarium” of wax paper, pictures of fish and blue crayon shavings. Iron together. This was great fun last year and came out looking surprisingly impressive.

Wednesday- Go pick up the books at the library. Does your library have an aquarium? Lots of ours do. Check those out for a while.

Thursday- go for a nature walk. Go fishing, either for real or toss bread to fish. How are these fish different from your pet fish? Why do you think that is?

Friday is family movie night.  Finding Nemo is an obvious choice. Would it freak your kids out to eat fish and watch Nemo? I doubt mine would be bothered by that and it fits in nicely with not eating meat for Lent.

Saturday is for family fun! You could either visit an aquarium if that’s feasible, go swimming if you can or go wander around a pet store.

Have fun this week!

2 thoughts on “We got a new fish, and so it’s Fish Week!

  1. What did y’all name your new fish (is it a he or a she?)? Listening to Schubert’s The Trout now via Spotify (I’m playing the one by the Schubert Ensemble of Vienna, Classic Schubert album). Did it sound fishy to you? 😉 Sorry, I couldn’t resist that pun, it was too tempting. :)

    • He’s named Pretty. They’re convinced it’s a girl, and keep saying she. :)
      Ha! I wish I’d thought of that! I secretly love puns!

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