A quick, cheap and easy Dr. Suess’s birthday party

enjoying Go, Dog, Go!Looking for a fun last-minute way to celebrate Dr. Suess’s birthday with the kids? Call up a few friends and have them bring their favorite Dr. Suess book for a fun playdate. Seriously, you could even do this tomorrow.

For smaller kids, playdates and parties don’t really need to be long or complicated, especially ones that are just because. Such a good way to model hospitality and have fun!

Decorations: This can be elaborate or as simple as you care to make it. We simply used what we already had on hand, specifically, a cheerful tablecloth on a folding table in the backyard, books stacked as decoration and a stuffed Cat-in-the-Hat presiding over the snacks.

Food: Again, as simple or as complex as you want. Swedish fish and goldfish crackers are appreciated and fit with the theme.  We always have a simple hat-shaped pizza and a salad for the mommies. You also have to have a birthday cake!

Crafts: Make a Cat Hat. These are kid-colored hats cut out and stapled to a band of posterboard. This year we’re going an even simpler route and making them from paper plates.

Games and Activities:  We have a really fun game that we love to play anytime, but it’s even more fun with other kids their age. It’s the I Can Do That ! game. Crafting your hat and reading a few favorite stories should provide plenty of entertainment, coupled with eating and playing outside, if possible.



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