Color Week!

We need a dose of color after the grey skies of the last few weeks!

Monday- Download Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue. Order your books from the library. Be sure to   include The Rainbow Fish, by Marcus Pfister.  Bust out the fingerpaints, or if you’re feeling ambitious, make some homemade fingerpaint together.

Tuesday- Bake a rainbow cake together. Let me know if you get it to come out looking right. You can also play with the food coloring while you’ve got it out and cups of water. This is messy, but fun.

Wednesday- Go pick up the books at the library. Go on a color scavenger hunt.  While you’re out, pick up an assortment of seeds to plant a rainbow garden.

Thursday- talk about the importance of “eating a rainbow”. Have the kids cut pictures of food that corresponds to different colors out of magazines. Glue to paper plates. Talk about their favorite colors. Again cut pictures from magazines and make a collage of their favorite color. Bonus points if you can find their favorite things in their favorite color! Ask them WHY they like that particular color.

Friday- Dress in your favorite color! or a rainbow! I honestly can’t find a movie that’s both appropriate for the whole family and has to do with colors.

Saturday is Family Fun Day!  This Saturday, March 9, 2013, there will be a celebration of Holi at the Birmingham Musuem of Art. From 11-3 there will be art activites, scavenger hunts, music, dancing, storytelling, henna tattoos and Indian food.

Have fun this week!

2 thoughts on “Color Week!

  1. I love these ideas, so creative! I’m racking my brains trying to think of an appropriate movie, but can’t come up with anything. (I was thinking of The Secret Garden [1949], as, if my memory serves me correctly, it goes from b/w to color, but it might not be age appropriate enough?) The Holi fest sounds fun, what a cool experience for the kids (I wish I were there!)!

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