Grow Write Guild #1: My first plant

My very first plant of my own was a green heart-shaped leafy thing that to my 5-year-old mind resembled elephant ears. I believe, though I may be mistaken, that it was an ivy cutting taken from a plant my mother received when I was born. It grew innot my first plant, but a beautiful bloom in long chain of beauty an adorable elephant shaped planter that I had painted myself and my grandmother fired for me. Painting that pot was the beginning of my “I already know how to do it” phase, which I haven’t completely quite outgrown yet, although I like to think I am more humble and teachable now.  I still have the pot, though it’s been broken and mended several times in 30+ years, much like myself. The plant has long since gone, but ignited a lifelong love affair with plants that continues to this day.  What a magical gift given to me by my mother and grandparents! Imagine a simple  plant passing on love of nature and of life itself, from generation to generation to the next generation!

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not my first plant, but a beautiful bloom in long chain of beauty

6 thoughts on “Grow Write Guild #1: My first plant

  1. I just discovered the Grow Write Guild! So excited for these writing prompts. :) (following you now because of our Blogging Buddy Group on Facebook!)

    • Thanks, Carrie! link to your blog so I can follow you, can’t wait to see what you write about your first plant. :)

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