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Mondays are for Mommy, Spring Week Edition

In keeping with my One Little Word for 2013, Discernment, I have decided to put real effort into my personal development. Effort begins with a plan.  Here’s a quick outline of a plan for my own discernment and growth, that just happens to fit in with the weekly theme:


Reading: non-fiction : continue reading The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, by Stephen Covey. start The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron. Again.

fiction: Could use some recommendations here. I haven’t read fiction in a year. What’s something springish and engaging?

Poetry:  read 1 poem per day regarding Spring.

Music: listen to selections on kid’s list.

Art: pastels or watercolors.

Body: Go on a nature walk 3 times this week. Do bunny hop dancing with kids. Practice egg and spoon race with kids.

Spirit: Attend Good Friday and Easter Sunday services. Gratitude journal every night. Morning pages and Bible Study 3      times.


Husband: go on a picnic in the park date.

Kids: take each to the park for some one on one time.

Family: have them over for Easter lunch.

Friends: since I don’t have time to put together a seed exchange party, I am going to send some seeds to 4 friends that I know like gardening.

Nest: (my home, yard, person,car,etc)

15 minutes of Spring Cleaning per day.

Take car to get an estimate of repairs.

Plant the garden.

Decorate for Easter.

Grow: (new skills, acts of kindness, whathaveyou)

Pick an unfamiliar plant to plant.

Start a sourdough starter.

Send a random happy mail to someone.


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