Farm Week Spring Edition

IMG_4599Farm week is so much fun we’re going to do it more than once. There’s also a lot different each season on the farm, so it will be a new experience every time. Spring on the farm is especially fun, because it’s just bursting with new life, from seedlings to chicks to adorable baby animals.  It’s such a fun week, we’re even going to start a day early!

Saturday- April 6,2013 Farm Day at the Birmingham Zoo.  Continue working in the garden,only now you’re pretending to be farmers. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens plant sale is also this weekend, so you could go and pick up some interesting plants to add to your collection.

Monday- order your books from the library. Be sure to get Ask Mr. Bear. This is delightful book, the first one that my son really fell in love with and asked for over and over. The Big Red Barn was also quite hypnotic.  Gather up all your farm related animals and toys. I thought mine had outgrown the farm See n’ Say, but apparently not. This led to a hilarious game of farm animal charades. Download Schumann’s Happy Farmer and The Merry Peasant.

Tuesday- bake a farm related treat. Cake pops could be lambs or pigs or cows. Ours will be Spring Chicks again, simply because I have a ton of yellow candy coating left. You could also make haystacks. Play with the farm felt scene, or make a simple one from felt on your own.

Wednesday- pick up the books from the library. Get outside and put any remaining seedlings in the ground, or their permanent containers. Naturally, you’ll want to play and sing The Farmer in The Dell while you’re outside. Now you’ll be singing this all week. You’re welcome.

Thursday- Make something. Try making yogurt together. It’s really easy and yummy.  There are also cheap, easily obtainable Paint-Your-Own farm figurines, which my kids liked far more than I thought they would.  Painting “Pigs in The Mud” has also been a lot of fun, and one we will do again this week.  Cut a profile of a standing pig out of pink construction paper and glue it to white construction paper. Decorate with finger paints and markers. Make sure you have red,blue and yellow fingerpaint. Explain the concept of primary colors. Let them create secondary colors from primary colors. Lead them to discovering how to make brown mud; mix all the colors together. This is really useful knowledge to have when you’re stuck with the little three pack of crayons at a restaurant and need to color something brown.

Friday- Family Movie Night. My kids have really enjoyed watching Chicken Run over and over again. This could be a good jumping off point for discussions of reality vs. perceptions, or the harsh conditions of factory farms, if you’re up for it.a

Saturday- Family Fun Day again! We’re going to go check out the demonstration farm at Oak Mountain State Park. I haven’t been since I was 13, so I’m hoping the reality lives up to my memory of it.

Have fun this week!

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  1. I know I risk sounding repetitive in my replies, but … I love this! :)
    I love Chicken Run, too; have you seen their Shaun the Sheep series? It’s a favorite here (although we haven’t seen any new episodes for it in a while).

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