Grow Write Guild #2: Dream Garden

Part 1: A dream garden that is totally without limits; My dream garden that is unfettered by the bounds of reality would most certainly include the whole universe within my backyard. If I wanted to watch giraffes pluck leaves from acacia trees, I would simply visit the teleportation station and state my desire. I would also have doorways to fantasy lands in the trees, a quick trip to Narnia would always be welcome. I could grow all the food we’d ever possibly want to eat, oranges and spinach next to each other, ready at the same time to be thrown into a lovely salad. I’d have a healing garden that could heal any imbalance whatsoever, allowing everyone to be their optimal self. I’d have a lovely meadow with a river leading to a beach. A lovely pavilion at the beach where everyone I’ve ever loved or even liked a little could gather and enjoy each other’s company and the beach.

Part 2: A dream garden that is obtainable in the next 5 years given my current motivation and the currently known laws of physics; I have an ample vegetable garden that supplies enough for my family and to sell for a healthy profit. {I do currently have enough for my family and to sell  a bit.} I have a beautiful raised cutting garden- I have dug and built a small bed for this purpose. I have more berries than I know what to do with- in process. I have fruit and nut trees that are productive. I need to find a suitable fruit for my climate and plant this fall. I have a culinary herb garden and a healing herb garden as well as a tea garden and it-just-smells-good garden. I also have chickens, bees and goats. This might need to wait til my children are a bit older. There is plenty of yard for playing and relaxing and space for everyone to enjoy themselves and connect with each other. This has been obtained, but the restless ADHD girl in me always thinks there’s room for improvement. I’d also love a pool and a hot tub, but have no idea how to fit them into our current space.

Edited to add link back to orginal post. again. I just get so excited about these!

8 thoughts on “Grow Write Guild #2: Dream Garden

  1. Hi, Hilary! My name is Caitlin, and I’m Tricia Goyer’s assistant. You were chosen as one of the winners of “The Dig for Kids,” but you didn’t leave your email address and I thought this was the easiest way to get in touch with you. Can you email me at caitlin {at} litfusegroup {dot} com for more details? Thanks!

  2. A healing garden, yes! And a tea one, what a fantastic idea! And the meadow and stream … sounds divine. I also wish we had fruit and nut trees, and berries; well, we have some wild blackberries, but they don’t last long enough and are hard to get to (ticks, chiggers, thorns, oh my!). Wish we could have a sharing-farm, where we’d grow to our heart’s content and share the bounty!

  3. Nice work! I love the idea of a healing garden. I might have to look into adding something like that into my real garden. Thanks for that inspiration! I also like that you included you goals for your real life garden. Congratulations on already achieving some of those, that’s wonderful!

    Here’s my dream garden… My Dream Garden


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