My first school memory

My first memories of school are of Catholic school first grade. A navy jumper, white peter-pan collar shirt and saddle shoes. I remember the smell of the leather of the shoes, I love that smell. I still love saddle shoes, although I can’t think of an appropriate time or place for a grown woman to wear them. The sun glinting on Lake Kissimmee as we passed it, sun and shadows on my arm and my mother’s yellow car, the warmth of the window on my cheek. The dusty dryness of the field where we ran laps and did arm circles in the hot Florida sun. I remember thinking second graders were so big, and so cool and so funny with their talk of farts and butts. I do remember actually learning how to spell h-o-u-s-e, which previously I had always spelled h-o-s-e and learning how to draw a star in one motion. Our desks were facing one way when I learned to read/spell house, and my next memory the desks are different and we’re in small groups facing each other, four of those huge tabletop desks clumped together.  I unfortunately remember throwing up and the janitor putting sawdust on it and having to walk down to the principal’s office so my mom could come get me. I also remember there was a large paddle over the principal’s door, which is super weird,now that I think about it. No real connection to these memories, which has been my experience of first grade; no real connection to real life.

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3 thoughts on “My first school memory

  1. memory of the yellow car……was that a life time ago. your teacher was Mr Daily and you won first prize science fair for making clouds in a pickle jar…jog any more memories?

    • I do remember the clouds! and making a beautiful blue poster board with different types of clouds on them! good stuff. I do have other memories of St. James, but they’re filed under Religious Memories, Girl Scout Memories, Sartorial Memories, etc. That was a life time ago, the world seemed different then.

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