Mondays are for Mommy, spring farm week edition

mind: {read} The Prairie Homestead’s Urban Homesteading, Backyard Farming on an Acre or Less

fiction ?


body:{move} hmmm feeling unmotivated in this area. primarily recover from Scarlet Fever!

{eat} eat vegetarian every meal

{wellness} what’s a farm related wellness tool/experiment?

soul: {journal/Bible Study/morning pages}  30 minutes every morning

relationships: {husband} vineyard date! it’s kinda farm related, right?

{daughter} one on one time making yogurt

{son} one on one time-take a trip up to Tractor Supply

{family} trip to Atlanta this week, not at all farm related, but good family time

{friends} hmm to think about

career: {blog} blog everyday, set up group blog!!

{pickles} contact health dept. , establish legality

{other} apply to 2 outside jobs.

nest: {home} sanitize. that is all.

{self} get healthy! mani/pedi, at home obviously. pack up winter clothes, get out summer clothes.

grow: {new skills,etc} attend Strength conference Monday night. Have mission statements completed for each business.

2 thoughts on “Mondays are for Mommy, spring farm week edition

  1. I somehow missed this post earlier when I was trying to catch up — so glad I saw this in my Feedly and hopped back over here because my heart leapt for joy seeing the career part (pickles & blog, YAY!). 😀
    Hmm, for wellness one thing came to mind: in Germany, there are places where you can sleep on hay for wellness. :)

    Hope you feel loads better soon!

    • you’re largely responsible for the pickle push! thanks for the encouragement! sleeping in damp hay doesn’t sound all that appealing to me, but I might try it, if it could be Alabama hay & not “organically tended Alpine hay” :)
      oh, for real, I think I’m going to have to try this. you know, for science.

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