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The Writing on Learning Exchange Prompt #2- What I want to learn now

In response to the prompt given here :http://siobhancurious.com/2013/04/10/prompt-2-the-writing-on-learning-exchange-what-i-want-to-learn-now/

Oh, this is a really fun one! I want to learn EVERYTHING!! Okay maybe not really everything, but lots and lots of things.  Here’s a quick list off the top of my head of what I want to learn RIGHT NOW:

how to take better pictures, how to write code, how to be a better writer, how to be a better conversationalist, how to deal with stress better, more about narwhals and rabbits, painting,pottery, specific backyard farming techniques, beekeeping, woodworking, explore more positive psychology and practical applications of said study, take a trapeze class,  how to get rid of black widow spiders, home decor from a psychological standpoint, sewing techniques, self-improvement, religious studies,  more about time(just learned last year that a second is an actual measurement of an actual thing, I had always thought it was arbitrary ),  basic chemistry & physics(have forgotten everything from high school/college-everything). I want to learn about animals, and plants and the world around me, how and why it works so well and so beautifully most of the time.

Okay so writing out this quick list, I realize that the majority of my desired learning is directed towards improving the life of my family and myself, and therefore the world at large. Also, this list is mostly experiential learning. That’s interesting to me, because I have always been a bookish sort. Maybe it’s time for a new phase in my life, creating rather than absorbing. Thanks for the prompt, Siobahn!008

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