Mondays are for Mommy- Earth Day edition

Mind: {read} fiction: continue Little House in The Big Woods

non-fiction: Business Model You

poetry: Earth’s Answer by William Blake

Body: {move} walk 2 miles 4 times this week

{eat} vegetarian every meal

{wellness}       Earth sitting, which I gather is a fancy way of saying lay-in-the-grass and relax. Theoretically, it improves one’s wellness and connectedness to the Earth. This seems plausible to me. Will update with results.

Soul: Bible study/morning pages 30 minutes every morning.

Relationships:  {husband} Birmingham Botanical Gardens date, followed by lunch.

{daughter} recycled arts & crafts one on one

{son} play “builder” outside with him one on one

{family} invite them to family night at library

{friends} talk to two people at gym. invite old friend to park. meet new people at lunch.

Career: {blog} blog everyday. 3 posts on group blog. guest post submission due by Friday.

{pickles} reschedule food handler certification class.

{other} send resume to 2 companies. research foster care trainer position.

Grow: Strength Conference Monday.  Make a terrarium.

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