Duck Week

This week’s theme is prompted by our sighting of two ducks in a pond by our house. Which doesn’t sound like much, but we haven’t seen any ducks since last summer, so it was quite exciting. Anyway, I have always quite liked ducks. When I was very little I used to scoop them out of the lake behind our house and hold them, the mama ducks didn’t seem to mind and neither did the ducklings. They won’t let me get close enough now.

Monday- music: there’s a duck in Peter and the Wolf. Can you figure out which one is the duck? Hint: it’s the oboe. You can listen to it and watch a video of ducks and geese here: Sing the Five Little Ducks song. Act it out, with felt, puppets, toys or your selves. Gather up all your rubber duckies. Order your books from the library.

Tuesday: Take those rubber duckies to the pool! If you can’t make it to a pool, play with the ducks in a sink, or the bathtub, or a water table. If you’re not tired from all that swimming, whip up some Duckling Cake Pops, which are simply the Spring Chick pops decorated slightly different and called ducklings{read: I still have a ton of yellow candy coating left.}

Wednesday: Visit a local lake or pond and walk around and see if you can find ducks. Also look for signs of ducks, like nests or feathers. Make nests from twigs, mud, etc. Aldridge Gardens has cute statues of ducks, but I’ve never seen actual ducks there. Lakeside Park has lots and lots of ducks.

Thursday: Make some duck crafts. A paper plate painted yellow, folded in half for a body and two hands cut from construction paper for tail feathers and more construction paper for a head will do nicely. My children enjoy stepping in paint as well, and you could easily do a footprint duck.

Friday: Go swimming again! Play Duck,Duck, Goose. For family movie night there’s not a lot of good family options popping up on Netflix. Frankly, a lot of them look pretty awful. Meh. Not going to hurt to watch yet another Land Before Time.

Saturday: Family fun day- Our Saturday is actually full of birthday parties and such. If it weren’t we could make a trip to the zoo, or to swim again, or out to the park where I know we’d find ducks.

Have fun this week!me, given a duck bill by Sweetness


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