Bird Week Spring 2013 edition

IMG_4220Duck week was so much fun that we decided to expand it to all birds!

Monday: download Saint-Saen’s Swan and Tchaikovsky’s, Swan Lake. Go here and check out this playlist that’s all about birds in classical music Order your books from the library. Make more “nests” in the backyard. Don’t forget about

Tuesday: Make those cute little bird nests of pretzel sticks and chocolate. Fill with the last of the chocolate eggs from Easter.  Make little birds with the stray Easter eggs still floating around. Make them by adding googly eyes, felt feet and wings of felt or feathers. Then you’ll want to make adorable little paper bag nests for them to live in.  While you’ve got the hot glue gun going, make some super cute bird bobby pins. Cut tiny bird silhouette from felt. Use a fine tip marker to draw features. Glue to a bobby pin or barette or headband.

Wednesday: Go pick up your books from the library. Be sure to get a bird field guide while you’re there, if you don’t already have one. These are easily found at thrift stores for really cheap, and I’ve found it useful to have two, so both kids can have their own! Anyway, use this while you’re taking a birding walk. Make a simple bird feeder that also helps develop fine motor skills: lace cheerios on a piece of yarn, making a big “necklace” that you can hang on a tree or bush.

Thursday: Make another bird feeder; the famous peanut butter and bird seed on a pine cone, or our personal preference Cut a shape out of poster board. Poke a hole and lace a length of yarn through. Smear both sides with shortening. Completely cover the shortening with birdseed. Hang on a tree! The birds LOVE this one. Paint a bird house. My kids absolutely adore doing this. In fact, we have quite the little bird house village developing in our backyard. If you want it to last, you’ll need to let the paint dry and cover with shellac.

Friday: Family Movie Night. Okay, this one’s a teensy bit of a stretch, but we all really enjoyed Rio.  Aww, it looks like this link isn’t working anymore, but I’ll include it anyway, in case through the magic of the interwebs it starts working again: . It’s a printable Rio pack, which my kids found fun. Wish I’d laminated it like she’d said to.  Serve Brazilian Black beans and rice, cheesy bread and fruit salad.

Saturday:  Make an origami crane (instructions here: ) before heading out to the zoo or on a longer bird walk for family fun day. Locally, the Ruffner Mountain Wetlands trail is a great place to spot lots of birds.

Have fun this week!

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  1. Great ideas! We’ve also been exploring backyard birds and today we’re heading to the zoo in hopes of seeing something a little more exotic! I really like your idea of using classical music about birds.

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