Flowers for Mother’s Day Week

I get flowers almost everyday from someone here! So thankful for all the love in this family.

I get flowers almost everyday from someone here! So thankful for all the love in this family.

This week we’ll be exploring flowers and celebrating Mother’s Day.

Monday: order your books from the library and find your music. Pick a new flower to try planting this year.

Music:  Tchaikovsky Nutcracker, ballet, Op. 71 (Waltz of the Flowers)  You know this, but don’t know why you know it-  find it here set to a slideslow of interesting facts about Tchaikovsky :

Strauss, “Roses” South Waltz

or maybe it’s  still rainy and cold in your garden like it is in mine, perharps Debussy’s Estampes Jardins sous la pluie is more appropriate : There are also some of Debussy’s contemporary’s paintings on this link. Look at some Impressionist paintings whilst you listen.  Play “Ring Around the Rosy”

Tuesday: Speaking of Impressionist paintings, try your hand at Impressionist painting. Sponges, cut into small pieces for paintbrushes. Use clothespins for holders if you don’t want hands to get dirty. Use white paint to dilute your regular paint for pastel colors. Floral scenes were very big with Impressionists. View some on the computer or in real life if possible. Does your preschooler/ elementary aged child not think their Impressionist attempt is that good? Go view Monet’s Impression, Sunrise and be amazed at your young artist’s talent. :)  Tuesday’s treat will be flower cake pops. Daffodils, specifically, because, you guessed it, I STILL have yellow candy coating left.

Wednesday: Go pick your books up from the library. Go for a nature walk,looking for flowers of course. If you can’t find any to pick on your walk or in your yard, pick some up from the grocery while you’re out. Let your children arrange them as they see fit. This is a very Montessori-like activity. Be sure to check the flowers out with the magnifying glass before you arrange them.

Thursday: Draw an outline of flowers with a black marker. Paint over with watercolors, being sure to NOT stay in the lines. Lots of good discussion fodder there. Cut out flower shapes of construction paper and stick on pipe cleaners and make a “garden” in an egg carton.

Friday: Arrange child’s flower arrangement, a bowl of fresh fruit and an object of child’s choice. Paint a Still Life Compostion. Discuss still lifes and the symbolism behind them. Think of other examples of symbolism. Make up some special family symbols. It’s also a Rogation Day! Go on a prayer walk of your garden. Also, it’s family movie night. Pick a TinkerBell movie from Netflix. The fairies are all cutely flower themed.

Saturday: It’s Family Fun Day! Go to the Botanical Gardens if the weather’s nice. Go to the Art Musuem if it’s not. Make a cute flower hair clip the same way you made the bird clips. There’s a Mother/Daughter Tea at the Birmingham Musuem of Art this Saturday. I really want to go, but just can’t swing the $60 this year. Oh well, maybe next year. We’ll have fun anyway!

Have fun this week!


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  1. I appreciate all the links to related music. I need to start playing more music for my kids. We may give some of these projects a try. Particularly, the marker/ painting.

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