Wellness Wednesday 5/29/13

4 pounds thinner May 2013It still counts as Wednesday if you haven’t gone to sleep and woken up again, right? At least for this particular purpose it does. For holidays and my birthday, it starts exactly at midnight. Anyway, I realize it’s been some time since I have posted a Wellness Wednesday. More denial and avoidance, I admit. I need to just do it, however small the steps may be. Put forth real effort into the weight loss, or post consistently? Yeah, either way.

I have met my 4 pound goal for May, almost effortlessly. I have walked for 30 minutes everyday, as I stated I would for my Birmingham Girls Club challenge. Nothing too strenuous yet, just plodding along at 3.7 miles per hour, just to get into the habit of doing it. I also quit eating meat. More about that some other time. Those two things were easy things I know I can stick with, and they seem to be working on a healthy timetable. I am on track to meet my goal for the year! I am pleased with the results.

My plan for June is to keep walking everyday for 35 minutes, add yoga once a week and focus on diet. I’ve read, and I’m sure you have too, that one should focus on DCBA- meaning Diet, Cardio, Balance?/Bulk?, and Abs in order to lose weight. Pretty memorable, except I can’t remember whether it’s balance meaning like yoga or bulk meaning strength training. It’s certainly not going to hurt to add both when the time comes. Back to the original point, in June I will be making small easy changes to my diet. The first week I will focus on healthy breakfasts. the second, healthy lunches, and so on.

I am so excited to get back to work on this goal. I’d love to have you join me! Seriously, if you’re local, let’s meet up and exercise together. If you’re not, I’d love to hear what your fitness plan for June is!

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