Beach Week!

beachMonday- order your books from the library. A good list is here: Several of our local libraries have ready-made boxes with beach themes, my kids have thoroughly enjoyed those and I discovered books I never would have chosen otherwise, that they just loved. I’m thinking particularly of The Deep Blue Sea in this instance. Here’s a set of cute printables that we’ve used in the past for beach week We’ve also started doing “spelling tests” for S- every word spelled correctly earns a penny. J is writing letters to earn pennies.  This week’s words will be beach themed.  You can keep with the classical music, here’s a 16 hour (!) playlist which is pretty awesome : You may want to branch out and just listen to beach-y music. Think surf punk, hula music, Beach Boys, etc.  Go swimming!

Tuesday: Set up your volleyball set, or find a sand volleyball pit and practice your beach volleyball. Attempt to hula hoop.  Can’t do it? Neither can I, but I can do it on the Wii. Try both.  Play in the sandbox. Go swimming!

Wednesday: Visit an aquarium or pet store and check out the different aquatic animals. Go swimming!

Thursday: Try one of those sand art kits from the dollar bin. Watercolor painting seems appropriate.  One project my kids found surprisingly fun was stamping their name under the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom tree and gluing sand on the island. There’s a whole page of Chicka Chicka activities here: There’s an amazing list of water fun activities here: I’m just really loving this Virtual Book Club- so inspiring! You should totally go sign up!  Go swimming!

Friday: Go swimming!  Family Movie Night- The Little Mermaid.

Saturday: Family fun day- Visit an actual beach if you can, or a “pretend beach” on a lake. Go swimming! Pack a picnic and have a feast on the beach.

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