Summertime Pantry Challenge

pantry-challenge-sum-13-150x150 So I’m going to join Jessica over at  in her summertime pantry challenge 2013. That’s her cute picture there on the side. She explains it really well here:  She has lots of good reasons to eat down your pantry and freezer. My reasons are less convincing to anyone but me 1) I have other things I would rather do than go to the grocery this summer, like swim,read,etc. 2) I really need to be tighter with the money. sigh. 3) I’d like to clear out some of the space before school starts again.

My plan will be slightly modified. I will pop in and get milk and other absolutely necessary items. Our garden is really starting to come in, and thus probably every dinner will include green beans of some sort. How many different ways can one prepare green beans? There’s an interesting challenge in and of itself.

Sweetness has requested tacos, pizza and macaroni and cheese. I’d like to see if I can make that happen with what I have on hand.

Monday- veggie plate including mac and cheese and green beans

Tuesday-Taco night

Wednesday-pizza and green beans

Thursday-Spaghetti and GREEN BEANS

Friday- Little Mermaid themed dinner

Saturday-cookout randomness


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