Termite/Swimming or Swimming/Termite Week

from Birmingham Zoo's Pinterest board

from Birmingham Zoo’s Pinterest board

Yup. You read that right. The kids got to pick this week’s theme. Sweetness picked swimming and Joy picked termites. We’ll run with it. I’m sure I will learn a lot this week too, as I know almost nothing about termites and am always up for swimming.

Monday: order your books from the library.  Termite books are surprisingly abundant. Swimming books are even more plentiful. Songs about swimming are more readily available here and here than songs about termites. I couldn’t find any music relating to termites, but I did find research indicating that termites chew faster when they “hear” rock music. Interesting. Share this with the kids. Talk about how different music makes you feel. Find out what they’re favorites are. Make some playlist for certain moods. Have them make up happy songs, sleepy songs,etc. Research termites here and check out the games,lesson plans and printables about termites and other pests here. Find a bit about the science of swimming here and printables here. Go swimming!

Tuesday: Go swimming!

Wednesday: Go to the zoo. The Birmingham Zoo has a giant pretend termite mound for the kids to climb on. While you’re there pay attention to the sociality patterns of the different creatures. Termites are eusocial, orangutans exhibit presocial behavior, etc. Need to brush up on your sociality? Wikipedia has info here.Also notice which animals like swimming, and which don’t care for it.

Thursday: Go swimming! Watercolor paint some swimming scenes. Make tiny termites from playdough.

Friday: Go swimming!  Family movie night: Antz features termites as bad guys. Serve Termites on a Snowy Log ( dried cranberries on a cream cheese stuffed celery stalk) as an appetizer. Ants on a Log are always welcome at our house, too.  Serve as your entree Ants Climbing Up A Tree, substituting fake ground beef for the pork,if you want. For dessert, a Termite Mound, which is simply a chocolate bundt cake dusted with cocoa powder. Beverages are bug juice, of course.

Saturday: family fun day. Go swimming! Check out a local state park. See if swimming is different in a lake, or a pool or an ocean. Why do you think that is? Which is your child’s favorite?

Have fun this week!

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