State Park Week- summer 2013 edition

the forestKid’s choice again this week. I think Sweetness chose it out of kindness, as she knows a goal of mine is to visit every state park in Alabama in 2 years. Such a sweet girl!  Also we went to Oak Mountain State Park last week and had a blast! I think they want to recreate that experience every day!  I would love to be able to do that too.

Monday- Explore your state song here.  Do you remember any of your Scout songs? Teach them to your kids. Plan your week’s adventures, if you haven’t already: have the kids read about your local state parks and decide which one(s) you really ,really want to go to this week.  Have them draw a map. Then explore a paper map of the area. We enjoyed cutting pictures out of a local magazine of fun activities we wanted to do and pasting them to paper. {Cutting is good practice for the pre-K set}.  Curious what other states have? Go here.

Tuesday- Go to a state park today, if you can. If you can’t, go to a nearby park. Take a picnic. See if you can spot any native animals. Write about it in your nature journal.

Wednesday- We will be attempting to visit in Huntsville and revisit Monte Sano state park. Last year we were able to do both the Space Center and Monte Sano. I feel certain we’ll have the same successful time management this year! The Rocket Center is pretty awesome too, but that’s another post for another day.

Thursday- Speaking of picnics, Katie has a cute picnic craft we’re going to try.  Have another picnic at a different park. Try to find a park with something out of the ordinary to do, like fishing or boating. Give it a try.

Friday- No movie tonight, go outside! Enjoy nature and the beautiful summer night and the wonderful people around you. Look at the stars. Build a fire and make S’mores.

Saturday- Family Fun Day! We actually have a full day of family obligations/fun planned, but if you couldn’t make it to a state park earlier in the week, grab your husband and go! Oak Mountain really is awesome, y’all! You should go!

Obviously, you have been recording your adventures in your nature journal, and your regular journal all along. I just found these two weeks ago for the kids, and they seem to be working really well for us as part of the bed-time routine. I have them draw 3 things they’re grateful for on the back side.

Have fun this week!



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