Dinosaur Week!

Dinosaur Week!

This is a really fun one! There are sooooo many resources available for this particular theme.

Monday- Order your books from the library. Here’s a truncated list :dinosaur books. Our library system has several ready-made dinosaur kits. We got one that includes puppets, books, a board game, a cd (Dinosaur Rap, in case you were wondering), dinosaur stencils, a dinosaur themed issue of The Mailbox, a song sheet, and a VHS  copy of The Magic School Bus: The Busasaurus. My kids were befuddled by the VHS.  I explained that it’s like an old-fashioned dvd; they kept insisting that it’s size proved it must be an old-fashioned remote. Funny stuff. Gather up all your own dinosaur paraphernalia, and if you have some Easter eggs easily accessible that would be good too. Monday is also cooking/baking day; make some “Dinosaur Eggs” which are rice krispie treats hand molded into egg shapes.

Tuesday:  Hide the little plastic dinosaurs that always somehow manage to make their way into the house, despite never having actually bought any, in the Easter eggs. Hide the eggs around the yard or house.  See if  your local Wal-Mart has these on clearance for $3 Product Details or these:Product Details, also $3 . Grab a pack of white t-shirts for the kids to make dinosaur shirts. My kids have been playing for DAYS with the dinosaurs and have built a dinosaur world, a museum, a “time-travel jungle” and of course made dinosaur families. They were also into making clay “statues” for the miniature museum. Tuesday is family game night- we’re going to play the game that came in the kit. There are a surprising amount of dinosaur board games available here: dinosaur board games. This might make sense if a child was madly, consistently in love with dinosaurs, but ours aren’t.

Wednesday: The Birmingham Zoo has extended the Dino Discovery Trail until September 2nd. If you haven’t seen it yet, go before school starts. It is an extra cost, but pretty cool. Practice swimming like a plesiosaur at the pool.

Thursday: Work on any number of crafts, printables, etc., relating to dinosaurs there are a few ideas here . We’re going to attempt t-shirts. I will update with the results.  We’re going to do this as part of a larger dinosaur-themed playdate. I’ll post about that later in the week.

Friday: Swim like a plesiosaur again. Take a cute dino themed picnic. Visit a park that has a dinosaur to climb,ride, whathaveyou. Friday is also Family Movie Night. Pick one of the plethora of Land Before Times available on Netflix. I’ll also post a dinosaur themed meal.

Saturday is Family Fun Day: take a trip to a museum or park that has something to do with dinosaurs. I’m sure you can make a local-ish connection. Birmingham has the zoo, McWane and the Anniston museum of Natural History all easily accessible.

Have fun this week!

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