random tuesday thoughts

I overheard a girl today while she was ringing up someone who was obviously one of her former classmates. The thing that caught my interest was ” I could never leave the mountain.” That’s just a fascinating idea to me. The sense of space being so localized to one particular mountain, which got me to thinking about the idea of how our actual physical space  helps shape us into the people we are. Think about that for a minute. I mean really let it sink in. What does that mean? Hellenic Greece could only have happened in Greece, given that particular circumstance of weather, soil, etc?  The Roman Empire would never have been if Rome weren’t nestled just so?  What does this mean for us, as contemporary MOBILE citizens? Do we go where we want to be like? Do we stay and help produce the environment of our space? I’m not talking about the socioeconomic factors involved, I’m simply talking about the very real PHYSICAL characteristics of our surroundings.  Are we misshaping our destinies by retreating inside?  Do we then have a moral obligation to experience nature as much as possible? Do we have an obligation to make the physical environment within our control as pleasing as possible? Like I said, just some random thoughts. I’d love to know what your thoughts are. Do you think your physical space affects the culture in your area? Tell me how.


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