Camping Week!

Ever hear the phrase, “Man plans, God laughs.” ? That’s kind of how last week went. And probably how lots of weeks will go. Does that mean I give up planning? Heck, no! Keep moving forward!  That said, here’s a loose(r) plan for this week.

Monday- Swim and gather up the camping gear. Decide on a campsite. Start planning menu and to-do lists.

Tuesday- Clean the house and gear. Practice assembling tent and anything else that needs assembling. The kids LOVE to do this kind of thing! Good practical living skills. Summer reading finale tonight at the library! It went waaaay too fast. Check out Amelia Bedelia Goes Camping again. This is a very funny book, that my kids loved! You remember Amelia Bedelia, right? It was really fun to introduce her to my kids. It’s also fun to see how different aspects of the humor are picked up by different children.  We’ve had a lot of fun with Amelia Bedelia this summer- making up crazy situations for her to be in( which is really cool that my kids get all into the wordplay!), drawing our own books,  acting out silly phrases and saying anything that’s an outrageous amount is “amillion badillion”.

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday- CAMPING!!!  Super excited about this! Can you tell?

Saturday- come home, exhausted and happy.

Y’all have fun this week!

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