BookmarkHere’s a bookmark I created for the Artist’s Way Book Club. It has the basic principles on one side, and the creativity contract on the other. This is useful to help keep both in the forefront of your mind when doing your weekly tasks and morning pages.  You can either make a bookmark by printing, cutting out and laminating(or gluing together if you don’t have a laminator) or simply cut out the pieces and attach them to your morning pages notebook. There’s a blank space at the bottom of one side. I highly encourage you to draw a symbol of creativity here, or insert a picture of your inner 10 year old. I’m interested in your symbol- tell me about it or leave a link in the comments- family friendly only please.

How did you do this first week? Any of the readings jump out at you? Did you do your morning pages? How many days? If you do nothing else, do the morning pages.  Were any of the tasks particularly meaningful to you? Which ones? Tell us about it. Did you go on an artist’s date this week? I’ll be honest, I didn’t. I only have a short amount of summer left, and I want to soak up every possible moment with my kids. I’d love to hear other ideas on things to do for artist’s dates, too.  So, tell me what you did, if anything.

Next week’s assignment is to read chapter 2 and complete the tasks, morning pages and artist’s date. I’d also like you to link to a post featuring your 5 other lives, or tell us about it in the comments.  Be creative, joyful and spirit-filled this week!

2 thoughts on “The Artist’s Way Bookmark-week 1

  1. Hey what a great idea! Thanks for laying this out… I’m actually finishing Week 8 right now. I have a ribbon stuck in the page with the Basic Principles but this makes more sense. My symbol has been a happy pig in mud, because being creative makes me happy… if I’m just not blocked LOL.

    • Thanks! I love the fancy ribbon bookmark, but I’d prefer to use it to mark where I’m currently reading. I love the happy pig in mud, too cute!

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