Catholic Book Club- the very first post-experiencing grace in abundance

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Did you order your copy yet? Have you started chapter 1? It’s a super short but deeply profound chapter. the message, I think, is indeed the very heart of Catholicism. You all remember learning “God made us to know, love,and serve Him in this life, and to be happy with Him forever in the next”, right? The unspoken flip side of that is that God loves US too, and wants us to be happy, both in this life and the next. I’m not sure why that’s such a difficult thing to believe, but it kind of is, for me at least. Have you experienced this? Why do you think this is? I have an amazing life, filled to overflowing with love, but some little dark part of me insists that I am unloveable. That simply isn’t true. The truth is that I am a loveable child of God. You are too.

Do you live and act under any misconceptions or misperceptions about yourself that have been a park of your upbringing, the culture in which you live, or experiences you have had? What new truth about yourself do you now see? How can you begin to believe the truth about yourself as it has been presented to you? (p.29)

Oh,my. Typing that out, I had a flash of WHY I feel this way, a seriously terrible school experience from third grade to tenth grade. That will mess with anybody’s head. Combine that with ADHD, and you’ve got a recipe for social anxiety and paranoia. I can begin to believe the truth about myself by surrounding myself with people who truly love me, using affirmations, and thinking the best of others. Maybe that new mommy friend is just tired or overwhelmed, and isn’t blowing me off and doesn’t like me.

Read the Catechism nos. 982,1450-1458 and 1468.

Okay, I haven’t done this yet. The Catechism is stacked in a perilous position from when I was rearranging EVERYTHING to get ready for back to school. I’ll get back to you by Friday with it.

For whom can you be a conduit of grace?

Seriously, I want to know. I love, love, love this question. I phrase it a little differently every morning in my morning pages.

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