Back to school week!

polka-dot-owl-sitting-on-stack-of-books Give yourself a break this week, momma. It’s gonna be a rough one. After a super fun summer of staying up late(ish) and lounging around in the morning and getting “ready” consists of putting on bathing suits and locating pool snacks, having to be organized, fed, clean and dressed seems like a monumental task. I know in two or three weeks, it won’t feel like it at all, but man, that first step’s a doozy.  So the plan for the week is definitely low-key.  Start the week off with a special back-to-school dinner. My kids have requested for their special dinner:” cake-a special dessert(any dessert I want) and fake chicken patties”. I can work with that.

Monday: a special back to school breakfast is in order. My kids have requested “a bunch of fake bacon, chocolate milk, and smoothies.” So glad it’s an easy one.  That will give us plenty of time to take the traditional first day of school pictures.  I would ordinarily suggest ordering your books from the library, but my kids have zero interest in anything even remotely schoolish for the first two weeks of school. I find lots of outside time and physical activity helps balance them out a bit.  Also, allowing for rest makes everyone a bit happier.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday: seriously, take it easy. Go to the park or a walking trail, if you’re not exhausted. Make a few special snacks together. Figure out a good afternoon/evening routine for this year. Adjust as necessary.

Friday: You all made it! It’s family movie night. Keeping it low-key, order a pizza or make one yourself. Pick a favorite movie everyone can agree on.

Saturday: Family Fun Day! Sleep late and hit the pool again!

Have fun this week!

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