Back to school and goal setting.

polka-dot-owl-sitting-on-stack-of-booksYou’ve gotten everybody off to school today! Good job, momma! The new school year is full of promise and the excitement of new things to learn, skills to develop, experiences to have and friends to make. Yes, obviously your kids will do all these wonderful things, but don’t forget about you- you deserve these good things too. Take some time this week to map out some goals for the family and be sure to include some for you too.  Keep your goals SMART- Specific, measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timed. A semester is a good timeline; long enough to make real progress, but short enough that you don’t get discouraged or lose interest.

Here’s an example using some of our goals.

Travel Goals: The whole family will visit at least one state park per month. We will camp at least three times this semester. The whole family will visit a new-to-us city. I will travel by myself and attend a conference alone.

Learning goals:  Use the kids curricula as guidelines here. What else should they know?  Any fun classes to sign up for? Sweetness will complete the Beginner level art classes. Find an instrument class for Joy and enroll him. I will attend two blogging conferences and learn to 1)write code and 2) improve my photography. I will attend PSR training and teach 1st grade PSR this year. I will use this as a basis to determine what my kids should know about their faith, developmentally speaking.  Sweetness will move to Level 4 reading by Christmas. Joy will legibly write his name by Christmas.  I will read 4 books per month, two fiction, two non-fiction.

Physical goals: Sweetness and Joy will both play U6 soccer. I will do yoga everyday and find three people to meet for an hour of walking. We will all attend necessary doctor and dentist appointments and incorporate their recommendations.

Nutritional goals: this is surprisingly going to be a huge one here this fall, deserving of it’s own post at another time. Are there any dietary changes you need to make? Want to make? What can you do to help you move towards those goals? get a cute lunch packing kit? subscribe to a meal-planning service? Do it. You’re worth the money.

Spiritual goals: This is going to be highly personal, obviously. Just want to point it out so it doesn’t get neglected. What can you do NOW so your Christmas is a more spiritual one? BTW, A Simpler Season  is free on amazon today, get it here.

Household: I had huge notions of rearranging and redecorating the house with all that free time. Yeah, right. I spend an inordinate amount of time driving. Anyway, we will complete the master bath remodeling by October 15th. We will begin redoing Sweetness’ room after that, with completion expected in February. I will completely clean out the playroom and take a donation box weekly.

Social: Sweetness and Joy will both make 12 new friends. I will make 10 new friends. I will host a bridal shower for my future sister-in-law in October. The whole family will host our Halloween party again. I really missed it last year, but it was nice to be invited to one. We will volunteer weekly as a family.

Work/Money: I will write for 2 hours every weekday. I will submit 15 articles for publication. I will apply for a teaching assistant position. I will find out how to write a query letter. I will be profitable by Christmas!

What are your goals for the fall semester?

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