The Artist’s Way Bookclub-week 2

What jumped out at you this week? Kinda negative there for a bit, week 2 is not my favorite- but the tasks are really interesting and insightful. The time log, for instance, is a hugely useful tool that I keep dipping into. It’s  also a huge help for ADHDers. Give it a try. I have to keep coming back to the time log and reassessing how long things really take and what’s eating my time.  It can also be a particularly uplifting exercise- I first did it when Sweetness was an infant- and it was extremely enlightening to see where my time actually went- into the care and feeding of a tiny human being, and that’s why the house wasn’t clean and I wasn’t exercising or whatever. I still have the slip of paper I wrote it on, and it still makes me feel better. I will say that I don’t this was an average week for us, with school starting and adventures and such. Interesting to look at though.

I did not do any of the other task this week, way too busy. I did follow through on the morning pages. Every day. Even camping. I took myself on an artist’s date Monday morning when the kids started back. I went to an Indian market and an Indian restaurant. Pure sensory bliss! Did you do your morning pages? Did you go on an artist’s date?

Your assignment for this week: read chapter three, do your morning pages,make your list of 20 things you enjoy doing but haven’t done and either comment about it here or continue the conversation on the new facebook page.

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