Catholic Book Club- Experiencing Grace in Abundance-week 2

royalty-free-praying-clipart-illustration-88409 The second step to Experiencing Grace in Abundance? Prayer. You know you should pray more, ideally you should “pray without ceasing”.   She lists solitude as a requirement, but I think there’s a place for both solitary and communal prayer, neither really being better than the other, just different.

Q1. Do you have a regular and consistent time of prayer? How can you improve your prayer life? How can you implement that this week?

Q2.Is there a truth about yourself that Jesus would have you see?

Q3. (not really a question) Get a prayer journal. Use it. It can be as simple as a section in a binder, or a dedicated fancy one. Your call.

Q4. What is your favorite resource for formal prayers/readings, etc.?

Q5. What is your favorite prayer?

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