Mondays are for Mommy-the one where I try Reiki for the first time.

imagesWhy reiki? Okay, it was really a reiki workshop combined with a restorative yoga class. Honestly meant for normal end of the year stress, but I could tell that my parasympathetic nervous system needed some soothing, and I needed a boost of positive energy.  Plus, a little self-care always helps. Really, nothing to lose but a small bit of time and money.

First, a girl who had driven two hours for this workshop and I were shown around the studio.  Which was exactly what you’d expect, down to the Himalayan salt lamps. and now I want one. not sure why, but I do. Anyway, we all found a space with a mat, bolster, brick , eye pillow and two blankets. Very calm and cozy, essential oils being vaporized and a weirdly zen ficus tree decorated for Christmas. It actually worked.  The reiki worker(?) came around and introduced herself, and honestly maybe she could pick up on the profoundly sad energy, because she withdrew her hand quickly and her eyes got really big. or maybe I’m being oversensitive. Either way.

We moved through a normal routine of restorative yoga and at various points, she would come around and place her hands either on or directly above various points on our bodies.  Admittedly, the tears were already flowing from the yoga, but when she placed her hand on my head they just started streaming down, soaking the eye pillow.  At that exact moment, it started raining heavily outside. It felt like God, the Universe, Nature herself were all weeping with me.

The next significant reiki moment was when she placed her hand over (?) on(?) my back. I swear, I could feel energy moving around. But a weird sticky kind of energy, like when you play with airheads or laffy taffy. Then it kind of smoothed out and was very ,very warm. I had to check and see if her hand was still on me after a good long while, and it wasn’t. Weird. Finished up the yoga part and came home.  I  was completely and utterly exhausted, but a good kind of tired. I went to bed super early with the baby, who amazingly slept willingly, we both slept for nearly 12 hours, which mothers of infants know is practically unheard of. Naturally, we both woke periodically through the night, and I could tell it was still raining heavily and I still thought God was crying with me. When we woke up, the rain had stopped and honestly I felt emotionally better.  Physically, I now have a stuffy head and a breakout on my back, but otherwise feel the same.

Obviously, one reiki session isn’t going to solve all my problems. It did make me emotionally feel better. It doesn’t really matter why, it just matters that it did. I am pleased enough with the results to want to do it again, and to learn more about it in 2015. Anybody have any reiki stories they want to share?

4 thoughts on “Mondays are for Mommy-the one where I try Reiki for the first time.

  1. Awesome that you tried this and that’s so neat you could feel energy shifting! Wow, I don’t remember feeling anything like that, but I did feel better for having done it. And how cool is nature, raining with you…. Gives me goosebumps (but in a good, I’m-in-awe way). ((HUG))

    P.S. If it helps, (and you probably know this already but just in case) energy workers are supposed to ground themselves/cleanse and so she may have remembered she needed to do that first (mine washed his hands in cold water before and after the session. I would like to go again, but it’s just not in the budget — which has its own budget, that’s how budget-y everything is, or else I’d do this again, because I do think there’s something to it.). xo

    • I’d forgotten that you’d done this. I actually didn’t know that. surprisingly uninformed about reiki. maybe energy work should be a learning goal for the year?

      • I’m not as much informed about it myself as I’d like to be; the learning goal sounds good to me! There is a book listed in my Goodreads about energy healing (I’d not spend money on it as it’s just a cursory intro) that you might like to check out. (I’ll message you a link to it when I get the chance.)

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