the first Thursday Thanks of 2015


I want to remember to be joyful in the present moment; like when a butterfly lands on your little girl’s hand.

Today I am thankful for:

  1. 1. my children
  2. 2. the luxury of being home with them
  3. 3. hot running water
  4. 4. the sweet smell of clean baby
  5. 5. soft footie pajamas on little feet, and big kid feet
  6. 6.  the pleasant homework load they have, not overbearing, just enough to talk about what they did and for them to show off a bit of what they’ve learned
  7. that I and everyone else in our society expects that all my children will receive a quality education, not just my boys, not just the one I can afford to send. Think about that for a minute. That hasn’t always been the case, and still isn’t in a lot of the world.
  8. a safe, comfortable place for all of us to sleep, in warm, cozy beds.
  9. lots of stories to read, and that they still want to snuggle and read with me.
  10. that one-in-fifty chance of actually being able to put together an outfit you saw on pinterest with things you have in your closet right now. that happened today.
  11. the internet. have I mentioned I think it’s awesome?
  12. food. I think it’s pretty awesome too.
  13. quality medical and dental care, and the means to access it.  I know I ‘ve said it before, but I have been without before, so it’s a big, huge deal to me.
  14. I can take a shower or do laundry whenever I want. When I worked in homeless shelters, women were assigned times to take showers. If you missed your time, too bad for you.  I have been thankful for the ability to do as I wish ever since.
  15. the abundance of clean, safe, pleasant and convenient  parks near my house.
  16. safe, reliable, comfortable transportation to reach the things that aren’t so near my house.
  17. that the children in my house are kind, interesting and interested people.
  18. for my husband. I think he’s awesome too.
  19. all natural vanilla ice cream.  you’d think it’d be boring, but it’s so not.
  20. a fresh new year, to find new things to be thankful for.

4 thoughts on “the first Thursday Thanks of 2015

  1. I enjoyed reading this, lots to be thankful for! My goodness, how horrible for assigned-time showers (I guess it had to be necessary???, but still it sounds awful; makes me grateful for #14, too.). Oh and neato on #10! #15 sounds nice, I can’t think really of any that are in our metro area that are considered safe….

    • Lisa, what are you thankful for today? I am thankful for you, and CoreyAnn today too, was seriously thinking about the two of you and how amazingly supportive and wonderful you’ve been this year. I love you, sweet friend! thank you for holding my hand through the darkness. xoxo

  2. :-) (HUG) Love you mucho and I hope you know I very much appreciate your supportiveness of me! I’m so blessed you are here on this planet (which you DO make nicer) but even more blessed to call you my friend.
    Quick list of what I’m thankful for lately:
    + you, Hilary! :)
    + the Internet!
    + my sis
    + new episodes of Downton Abbey
    + a book to read
    + faux-cheese, black beans, tortilla chips and lettuce (very yummy; the faux cheese is addictive but not exactly cheap; it’s a treat for me and sis)
    + drabness of winter will eventually give way to spring, which will give way to summer, which is better than spring and winter combined when I think about it (not that I like it when I nearly evaporate from the heat and humidity of summer)
    Tons of love to you!

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