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Candlemas for the unprepared.

images42HA9O3KCandlemas, Groundhog’s Day, Presentation of the Lord- all on the same day.  It’s been six weeks since Christmas, and something in the human psyche must need a little mini celebration around this time.  This year has caught me unprepared. What would normally be half-assed attempts for me are this year’s full-assed attempts.  Whatever, it makes me feel a bit better to try and honestly I don’t think anyone in my house is expecting perfection. That said, here’s what we are doing: 1. lazy girl decorating.  meaning a yellow tablecloth, white napkins and gathering up most of the candles in the house and putting them on the table.  2. baking brownies.  A cute idea I saw was to either put snowy sprinkles or springtime sprinkles on top based on the prediction for your area.  We will do flower sprinkles and a cheerful yellow sprinkle. I have no idea what Birmingham Bill said yet, but based on how it looks out my window, I’ll go with a spring prediction.  How did I arrive at this prediction, you ask?

If Candlemas be fair and bright, Come, Winter, have another flight; If Candlemas bring clouds and rain, Go, Winter, and come not again. —-Traditional Catholic song

Honestly,  I think that’s easier than trying to remember if the groundhog see it’s shadow or not and what it means. Although, Groundhog Day at the Birmingham Zoo is really fun. Just didn’t feel like taking the baby out in 20 degree weather, it’s not normally so cold here in February. In fact, I was wandering around outside looking for some flowers to bring in and couldn’t find any- usually the forsythia is starting to bloom and a few daffodils have begun to peek out. 3. We’ll have pancakes for dinner. Apparently this is traditional too, although I can’t find anything to back this up. Maybe something to do with eating up the fat before Lent? Whatever, it’s easy and quick and everyone will eat it. 4. I ‘ll have the kids draw what their burrow would look like, if they were groundhogs, similar to this.   Happy Candlemas!

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