Tomorrowland Family Movie Night

We finally did a themed dinner and a movie night again! Yay!  We did Tomorrowland, which was a really good movie, by the way.  The  dinner menu consisted of :Invent your own Sandwich, Curiosity Chips (bbq chips) , Fruit of the Future (fruit salad) and a chocolate cherry-chip cake featuring marshmallow sculptures of portals, characters,etc.   Activities included printable mazes found on Pinterest and drawing on a light up menu board. I had thought they’d draw inventions and such on the chalk tablecloth, but I underestimated the draw of the light up board – which is still a big hit,btw. Littlest sweetness enjoyed turning the light up tree on and off.  I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out considering we just made it up with what was in the house when the movie showed up in the mailbox.😉

On a deeper level, this represents a return to life for our family. I’m so thankful for that, and for the sweet family that shares this beautiful life with me. ❤️❤️


Tomorrowland movie night

22 State Parks in 24 Months- Month 2 Park 2 Part 1

The kids have Veteran’s Day off, and a party to attend tonight, so we chose another easily accessible park. This time we went to Oak Mountain State Park. This is our “local” state park; a really amazing place in the Birmingham Metro area. We’ve been a lot before, and will most definitely return many times. This park has everything. Seriously, you could probably spend two weeks here and never run out of things to do.<<<<I wrote that 3 weeks ago, and am just now getting around to updating this post, and we have all been several times to Oak Mountain since then. We’ve been enough that the price has changed on us. :) Y’all this park is so awesome!  and so convenient! which makes me wonder if everyone utilizes the most easily accessible park to them? Do you? Tell me about it! Send me pictures! Seriously, I’m so curious about this. What does your neck of the woods have?

imageOn Veteran’s Day, we again spontaneously/impulsively decided to visit a state park. We loaded up the makings of a picnic and jackets and headed out. We drove around and saw what was new first, and there was a lot that was different since the last time we could remember. There is now a community archery park, which looked cool, but none of us own archery equipment.  This playground is new! We had to stop here! It was a lot of fun, and a good start to the day. Playing here seriously took about an hour and a half; we could have played longer but were all quite hungry by that point. So, on to quite possibly the most somber picnic ever. Y’all , I love a good picnic, and the kids do too, but somehow I think this just wasn’t meant to be…we brought food to cook, but couldn’t find enough dry wood or anything, and the lighter we brought decided to quit working. We struggled with this for far too long, and ended up eating cold beans and chips and juice boxes. Yes, that’s the baby sitting on a table eating cold beans from a can. #winning.  Whatever, we’re adaptable people and made the best of it.imageimageimage

I don’t know why we look so morose, it really was fun, if quite chilly. Sweet girl wanted to fish, so we drove back over to the fishing marina side. She loves to fish, and is quite good at it, so she was happily occupied for the better part of two hours. Meanwhile, Joyful boy and Sweet baby and I had a treasure hunt in the sand volleyball court, walked around and around and around and played hide-and-seek.  Sand treasure hunts are really fun, if you have small treasures to bury, or change to bury. Big brother hid a dollar in quarters all over the court whilst baby brother and I promised not to look, and really didn’t. We found 2 of the 4 quarters on this trip! ( side note- there’s treasure we couldn’t find in the Birmingham Zoo sand pit, btw)

imageFor whatever reason, the fish weren’t biting, and we decided to move on to an activity we could all stay more together on. We went back over to the middle of the park and did a tiny little hike and went to the Interpretive Center and the Wildlife Center, who had an Owl-oween thing going on. Plus, it was warm and has bathrooms and water fountains.  Then we decided to stop at the Demonstration Farm on the way out of the park. image This was sooooo much better and cleaner and healthier looking than the last time we went. It’s not their fault if some goats are assh*les and headbutt my sweet baby who adores animals. Although, one should probably remove animals that simply don’t have the right temperament for interacting with small children and babies, as that is the purpose of a demonstration farm. Just saying. And on that note, we left. Plus, we were all starving from our failed picnic. There are a plethora of restaurant options nearby.  We were able to grab a very late lunch, get home, get cleaned up and ready for the skate party in a reasonable amount of time. I am so grateful to have such an excellent state park so close to my house.  What’s the closest park to your house? Is it your favorite?