Baby’s First Snow; or Park 2 /22

165 169 174 175Baby’s first snow! Yes, that’s snow for central Alabama. We traveled to Mount Cheaha spontaneously on January 14, 2016, because the good people at Mt. Cheaha had posted pictures of snow on facebook. Middle son really, really wanted to go take his baby brother to see the snow.  So we did. Park admission has gone up to $5 per person, btw. Lucky we had enough cash, as we didn’t know that beforehand, and don’t usually carry cash. Anyway, we looked and looked and finally found the last remaining bits of snow. We also climbed the watch tower at the highest point in Alabama. We drove around and looked at the sights and cabins and chalets and decided we wanted to camp there, but not on a totally freezing night. We did see several campers set up with hammocks. Is that a thing?  I like camping, but I also like for my babies to be warm. We have a reservation for April. Mt. Cheaha is quite popular with the campers and I strongly recommend making a reservation as far ahead as you can. So, look for a more detailed post about the park in April.

On the way home, we stopped at the City Market grill and buffet in Pell City.  It’s a Southern food all you can eat buffet, with a cheese fountain, and a chocolate fountain! The chocolate fountain is a big hit with the kids. Okay, with the adults too. Then home for hot baths, pajamas, stories and hot cocoa, because apparently a chocolate fountain isn’t quite enough chocolate.

I am so, so thankful to have such a wonderful life, filled with amazing people, stunning natural beauty, the ability to be spontaneous and do things just for the pure joy of it, and that my sweet son would think enough of his brother to want to share a joyful experience with him. What are you thankful for today?  What natural beauty is surrounding you? What joyful experience can you share with a child in your life this week?