Tomorrowland Family Movie Night

We finally did a themed dinner and a movie night again! Yay!  We did Tomorrowland, which was a really good movie, by the way.  The  dinner menu consisted of :Invent your own Sandwich, Curiosity Chips (bbq chips) , Fruit of the Future (fruit salad) and a chocolate cherry-chip cake featuring marshmallow sculptures of portals, characters,etc.   Activities included printable mazes found on Pinterest and drawing on a light up menu board. I had thought they’d draw inventions and such on the chalk tablecloth, but I underestimated the draw of the light up board – which is still a big hit,btw. Littlest sweetness enjoyed turning the light up tree on and off.  I’m pretty pleased with how this turned out considering we just made it up with what was in the house when the movie showed up in the mailbox.😉

On a deeper level, this represents a return to life for our family. I’m so thankful for that, and for the sweet family that shares this beautiful life with me. ❤️❤️


Tomorrowland movie night